Monthly Archives: September 2012

Counting in Russian

Well my my doesn’t time fly. The summer’s gone and I’m back at a computer…writing one of the most public private diaries in the world. Good ol’ WordPress.


But I digress. I have been learning Russian for the last year-ish-and-a-bit and to be honest I’ve not made much progress. I’ve learnt quite a lot but I’m still at sea when attempting to understand others. I’ve made it my mission to, in the next four months (that is, before the Christman Holiday) I will be able to understand Russian when spoken by others whether on TV or on chance overhearings in public places.

One of my most obvious weaknesses is my unfamiliarity with numbers. I can count, roughly, to twenty and could guess well enough beyond there. This is part of the problem though – can do these things myself…I can’t understand others when they do it. Thus I will be focusing today on learning all the numbers from 1-100.